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Hooper City Ordinances 

City code and ordinances posted below are just a few of the most commonly questioned.  They have been put on the city website for personal reference only.   Should you have additional questions please contact the city offices.

All concerns reported to the city will be investigated.  Depending on the type of violation, the city gives property owners time to resolve most violations; therefore you may not always see immediate results.

Hooper City residents can report violations by completing a Ordinance Complaint Form and submitting it to the city offices. Contact Us 

We value your concerns and thank you for being the "eyes and ears" of Hooper City.

Keep of Livestock

    - A minimum of 20,000 square feet is required to qualify for the keeping of livestock.......(click here for more info)

Snow REmoval BY the city

     - No person who owns or has possession of any vehicle, trailer, boat or other item, shall park....(click here for more info)


      - All owners of real property within the city are required to keep sidewalks and park-strips abutting their property free from liter, snow, ice, weeds and other obstructions......(click here for more info)

Junk and Debris ordinance

    - It shall be unlawful for any person or party to operate, keep, or maintain any vehicle or junk, as defined in this ordinance....(click here for more info)

Kennel Hobby/commercial

      -  Any premises on which 4 or more dogs and/or 9 or more cats are maintained.....(click here for more info)

Parking Ordinance 

​    - Illegally parked vehicles declared nuisances...... (click here for more info)


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