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What is the purpose of a Building Permit?

Building Permits are required to ensure public safety, health, and welfare as they are affected by building construction, through structural strength, adequate egress facilities, sanitary equipment, light, ventilation and fire safety.

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A Building Permit is REQUIRED for the following:

  1. Converting any unfinished space in a dwelling to livable finished space.
  2. Addition or modification of any plumbing water or gas line.
  3. Any electrical work other than replacement of existing light fixtures, switches, and outlets.
  4. Replacement or modification of Heating and Air Conditioning System including equipment and ductwork.
  5. Modifying any existing structural framing
  6. Addition to an existing structure including living space, patio cover, deck, etc.
  7. Construction of any detached accessory building larger than 200 square feet or over 1 story in height regardless of construction type. (Structures less than 200 square feet require site plan approval) All structures less than 200 sq ft are required to have "site plan" approval.
  8. Replacing a roof covering. (Required where the existing roof has 2 or more layers of any type of roof covering)

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST of required permits.  Please call Hooper City offices at

801-732-1064 if you are unsure if a permit is required for your project. 

What will be the cost of the Building Permit?

Permit fees are assessed in accordance with Hooper City Consolidated Fee Schedule based on the value of the project.  The following are examples of fees collected for some of the most common permit types:

Electrical Service Upgrade: $50.50

Furnace or Water Heater Replacement: $50.50

To schedule an inspection on an active building permit, please contact the city offices.  Inspection requests must be given 24 hours in advance.

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