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Hooper City sewers and collection systems are carefully monitored and continually upgraded to ensure that the health of its residents and their environment are protected.  We would like to remind the community that not everything can be put into the sewer system. The following list are common household items that DO NOT belong in the sewer system and SHOULD NOT be flushed.


Baby Wipes, cleaning wipes, feminine products, cotton balls, Q-tips, paper towels, sponges, large amounts of grains, grease, fats, oils, fibrous materials, paints, wood or household trash.

"Just because a product says it is flushable, 

that doesn't mean it is pumpable."

 For any questions and/or additional information please contact the Hooper City Offices.


  • During the winter months Hooper City Sewer asks that you make sure that the valve pit cover located on the property is not covered with snow and that there are no parked cars blocking the manhole cover.  Thank you in advance for you cooperation. 

  • State law and Hooper City ordinances prohibit the connection of storm sewer to the sanitary sewer including sump pump discharges

Sump Pump Connection Flyer 

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