PLanning and zoning

The purpose of the information listed below is to provide a detailed outline of the Subdivision and Site Plan review and approval process for proposed projects within the Hooper City limits. The process is not unusual, nor is it complicated.  It will require the assistance of professional engineers and surveyors familiar with residential and commercial land development.  It will also require strict attention to the detailed checklist provided with each application.

The information is not a substitute for the Hooper City Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance or the Hooper City Development Standards and Specifications.  Both of these documents are required for development in Hooper City and are a available for purchase at the city office.  For all other planning and zoning questions contact the city offices at 801-732-1064.


Generalized Future Land Use Plan Map

Moderate Income Housing Plan 

Zoning Map

Application to Amend Zoning

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